I noticed a lot of people are talking about Gratitude on their blogs.

I’ve been thinking about it and decided a I’d thought like to talk about it like to talk about it, too.

For Americans, it’s Thanksgiving this month, a good time to be thankful. Canadians have Thanksgiving in October so that would be a good month to be thankful, too.

For those that have a thanksgiving dinner, whatever their beliefs I’m sure they will say thanks for the food, or the company. But there is so much we have t be thankful, and maybe we need to stop a little more often to be grateful. I try to say thanks at the end of the day. I’m grateful I made it through the day. Nothing terrible happened. I’m grateful for my health. After two bouts with cancer and one with a pre-cancerous polyp you don’t take that for granted. You say thanks – often.

I might be grateful for the weather, or that I had clothes to stay warm in the cold. I might be grateful for clean air with out pollution or that the pollution was less that day. You could be grateful for good food, or adequate food, a roof over your head, family, friends, your church, your religion, transportation or the girl who smiled at you when you bought groceries. Please feel free to add to this list.   I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for.

Someone mention a Gratitude diary in their blog and I thought that was a nice idea. Write down five things you’re grateful for every day, or maybe even one thing. I’m not sure I’d remember to write it down every night but think about it and say a silent thank you. If everyone thought about it there might be less anger and hostility – maybe. Your thoughts? What are you grateful for?