Thanksgiving is a week away.

The stores have been carrying Christmas stuff for sale since Halloween.

Many stores have their Christmas decorations up out front and inside the store.

Lots of places are playing Christmas carols.

What about you?

Have you got your Christmas shopping done? Gifts wrapped?

I guess I’m getting old because it’s too early for me. I mean really, Christmas

stuff for sale before Halloween?

I like to shop in December when it feels more like Christmas – and I enjoy the

Christmas music the stores play then. It has a Christmas feel.

I don’t play Christmas music until December 1st.       

I didn’t used to put the tree up until two weeks before Christmas. It was a real fir tree and the scent permeated through the house. Now it’s artificial and I put it up earlier.

People decorate their houses in November. Now some places with really cold weather I get this, but otherwise…

What about you? When do you decorate and start playing Christmas music? Is your shopping already done?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Am I the only Grinch out there?