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December 2020 News

It’s December and I send out my newsletter this month. I’ve included a short Christmas story and a recipe in it. Different from the ones I’m putting on my website. If you’d like to check them out sign up for my newsletter. Go to my website Check the headings and click on more. Click on Newsletter Signup in the drop down box and sign up.  HoHoHo! Can you believe it’s December and we’re almost through 2020? It’s been a year like no other. Covid completely disrupted everyone’s life and routine, schools, jobs, and businesses. It changed our eating and exercising habits. sIt changed how we shop and how we celebrate. At least it was supposed to, to save lives. It also introduced a new fashion statement – masks. I have several in different colors and one with dog paws on it. Like most people I don’t enjoy wearing them because it makes breathing difficult and talking to each other a little challenging, but it saves lives. And even with a vaccine they say we’ll still need to wear them. The one plus is the regular flu cases are way down. And it did bring a lot of families closer as they biked, played games and walked together.  Writers and authors have been affected by having their children at home, having to work from home and maybe doing less actual in person research. Or like me, suffering Covid brain – sitting at the computer and staring at and my muse ...
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Update – FYI

If you’re checking for Dr. Bob Rich (and free books) – scroll downOr check out the permalink at will be up until July 1st when he’ll announce the winners of the books. And is you’re interested in the Fringe Festival workshops, you can still access them at ...
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Sylvia Hubbard on Heroes and a New Book

This week we’re going to find out a little about author Sylvia Hubbard. June’s theme is ‘Heroes’ so Sylvia will be talking about heroes. She’ll also tell us a little about herself and her writing, and answer some fun questions.Detroit Author & Founder of Motown Writers Network, Sylvia Hubbard has ...
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Kelli Wilkins on Marketing and her new Book

This week we’re going to find out a little about author Kelli Wilkes. Kelli will be talking about marketing. She’ll also tell us a little about herself and her writing, and answer some fun questions.Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 19 ...
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Update on the ALLIE Fringe Festival

I’ve been asked to post on the ALLIE Fringe Festival so here’s a few highlights. The second workshop I attended, and for me, the most interesting was Instafreebie Explosion. I had never heard of Instafreebie. It explained how to add thousands of targeted readers to your email list. I’ve learned ...
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