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Nurse Evie Dalton succumbs to the temptation of a lot of money and a chance to work with the attractive Dr. Adam Marsden.

Dr. Adam Marsden left his past behind. Now he thinks has it all; a great job, money, and a chance to buy his own hospital. But he hadn’t counted on Evie Dalton breaking through his tough emotionless shell. Now, because of him, she’s at risk and might be the next victim. Depending on his decisions, they could both be running for their lives.



Don't Go

Don’t Go is a dark romantic suspense that takes place predominantly in Reno. Sam is a Washoe Sheriff detective with a background of sexual abuse. Now she works in teen chatrooms to catch sexual predators.


Devlin is a Reno cop who like undercover work and doesn’t do missing kids – except they’re short staffed and he’s assigned a missing girl.


Reluctantly, they must work together to solve this case. Can they resolve their personal issues and bring down a serial killer?



A Cruise To Remember

Holly Devine's on a cruise ship; her past is a blank; the cause of her amnesia is unknown. She's trying to find out who she is, how she got there and why someone is trying to kill her.

Eric Petersen, an Interpol agent tracking an international ring of jewel thieves, while posing as the ship's doctor finds himself falling for his prime suspect.


Can they stop the killer and both find what they are looking for?




A Murder To Forget (Holly Devine)

A woman is reported missing by her sister, but the husband says his wife isn’t missing.

Who’s telling the truth?

Why is one of them lying?

And where is the woman?



Dark Moon

Don’t go to Canada is a warning given to Phil Jones and his new wife Zena.

Now they find themselves on their honeymoon on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.