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Murder, mystery and romance fills award-winning, Canadian author, Beverley Bateman's life. She loves to plot, kill and hopefully baffle the reader. Her nursing and public health nursing background helps with some details, and administering a community care facility program had her investigating and directing investigations into irregularities and sometimes a death. She even has court experience.

What's Up This Month


November is here and I’m finally some place warm. Snow, cold and wind continues back home.  I haven’t been writing for many reasons – and most of them good ones. One includes my dog who has been having some challenges but in the last few days she’s finally getting back to her normal. If you love animals, you’ll understand the stress that they can cause when they have issues.

I didn’t get Death Southern Style done, but I’m hoping it will be this month – enough excuses. And I do love the story and would like to share it.


We had our Canadian Thanksgiving – loved the turkey. And Halloween with quite a few children. Not as many as last year because of the cold. I love the costumes and one dad, with a very young trick or treater also was in costume.  I’d like to write a short novella. Maybe next month.

This last month has been a disaster for accomplishing anything – including updating my website and guest bloggers not showing up. Lots of medical test, my dog, trying to pack and organize the winter trip. Whine, whine, wine…


Now I feel like I’m getting back on track and we’ll see how the rest of this month goes.







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Don’t forget to check out my blog and some great authors with their new books and other information at and post comments.


And come back next month to see if I’ve got my new cover.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends!



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