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Murder, mystery and romance fills award-winning, Canadian author, Beverley Bateman's life. She loves to plot, kill and hopefully baffle the reader. Her nursing and public health nursing background helps with some details, and administering a community care facility program had her investigating and directing investigations into irregularities and sometimes a death. She even has court experience.

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January News


Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe we’re into a new year. Where did 2018 go? 

Happy New Year - Beverley Bateman Christmas decorations are down and put away for another year. I don’t make resolutions, but I do make goals. I do personal goals and I do writing goals. I’ve been working on them on my blog. You check them out there. We’ll see how well I do in 2019. Please follow my blogs, guests and group blogs on my blog page. I have some great authors and their new books coming up this month. 
Thank you to everyone who checked out my first newsletter. That was a goal I reached in 2018. I’m planning another one for March.  If you haven’t signed up for it click on More – then click on contact and sign up there. I also did an Amazon ad in 2018. Not sure how that worked out, but it was another of my goals for 2018. 


One thing I’ve never done is giveaway books. Originally it was because I’m not that techie and couldn’t figure out how to do it. Then I wasn’t doing a lot of promotion, so I just didn’t bother. But one of my goals for 2019 is to do more promotion and giveaway a few books. 




One of my personal goals is to eat healthier. In 2018 I started to cut back on meat, especially red meat and eat more fruit. I’ve always eaten lots of veges but fruit - not so much. After a little research I decided to follow the Mediterranean Diet.  If you’re interested, or want to eat healthier this year, the top three diets for healthy eating and lowering blood pressure are the Mediterranean Diet, The DASH Diet and the Flexitarean Diet (That just means you eat both vegetables and meat) 

The Fourth Victim by Beverley Bateman


And, The Fourth Victim Sara’s Story, is now available in paperback.

Here’s the buy link

You can also check it out and get the buy link on the Works by Beverley – Suspense page


Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year and success in whatever your goals may be!

Happy Success - Beverley Bateman


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