I had planned on posting the first of the month but as you can see, it didn’t work out.

I am working my way out of my Covid mental state. For two years I didn’t do much of anything, I’m sure my brain turned to mush. I stayed home except for grocery shopping and medical appointments. I didn’t think of anything, plan anything, or do anything. That included my writing. In the last two months I’ve planned, traveled, had Christmas dinner with a small group of vaccinated friends, even gone to a small local entertainment band, with a mask. And I haven’t caught anything. Am I back to normal? No.

But I’m back to playing the flute and now I’m trying to improve my techniques. I’m motivated. I’m also back working in the glass fusion studio and working as a supervisor twice a week. I’m being forced to get up at reasonable hours so I can volunteer or attend class. All this is bringing me back to a more normal life. I’ve come up with ideas in glass fusion and I’m working on patterns and projects. Motivation is finally back, at least in some ways. Occasionally I’ve even thought about writing but that’s as far as it’s gone so far.

So, I’m still being very careful. I do not want to get sick – period. But I’m gradually knocking doing the walls I built to prevent myself from getting the virus. I’m not totally back to normal, at least the normal I lived two years ago, but I am motivated and interested in life again.

This month we have Martin Luther King Day, and Civil Rights Day in some states, which honors civil rights activities  in the US, January 17th.

I hope everyone is doing well, coping with Covid, and maybe getting back to a new normal lifestyle, but still staying safe. I’d love to hear how you are coping or how you coped with the last two years.