I love our group blogs. Rhobin always comes up with great topics and usually I find them thought provoking, things I may never have considered. This month it’s “How has writing rewarded you? What has it cost you?”

How has writing rewarded me? Where do I start? One of the great things about writing is the writing community, whether it be online, at workshops or conferences. Writers are usually the most supportive group of people. And at a conference, the energy from other writers is amazing. I’ve made some wonderful friends through writing.  And volunteering for some of the writing organizations allows me to also give back to the writing community.

It’s also allowed me to see many sides of writing. The writing process, the agent and editor hunts, the publishing houses and their changes, small press, print books and eBook, indie publishing with cover artists, editors, formatters and publishing with eBook publishers. I’ve seen many changes in the profession of writing. And marketing of course. It continues to be a learning process. And learning keeps you young and the mind active, which is another reward. And there’s the joy of writing The End to a story you’ve enjoyed writing.

Writing is something I’ve always done, and I can’t imagine not writing. It allows me to express myself and talk to all those people who hang out in my head. I guess it allows me to hear voices and people don’t think I’m crazy – just a crazy writer. 

What has it cost me? If you’re an indie pub there could be a cost for covers, editing etc. So, there is a financial cost. Other than that, I don’t know that it’s cost me anything. It takes time and that time could be spent on other things, but I’d rather spend it writing. Sometimes on a gorgeous day, if I’m writing an important scene, I wish I could be outside. But most of the time I can manage to take some time to enjoy the day or the season. I try to balance family and friends. They’re used to me now, even if they don’t completely understand that it’s not a hobby. So, I don’t know that it’s really cost me anything. I’m interested in what other writers have to say.   And I’ll be checking them out.

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