I wrote a few months ago about how to write and/or develop a romance during a Covid pandemic with all the public health restrictions like social distancing and wearing masks. My Covid brain couldn’t really figure it out. Well, in my own small town, Tiffany Goodwein wrote a news article about a couple that showed me how it was done. Now I’m rethinking a new story. (And the photo was from her same article – Parker Thomas/Facebook)

Besides social distancing and masks, restaurants and movie theatres are close. It’s stay-at-home. So, finding a location to date can become a challenge. John and Mary met at church in January. After just six months, the couple not only dated but became engaged. G etting to know each other, in the midst of COVID-19, meant getting creative. Their very first date was a coffee date, done virtually. They brewed coffee at about 5 p.m., at night and sat down. John was in his room and Mary was at her house. They put on FaceTime and sat there with coffee and chatted. It lasted for about five, six hours straight.

Virtual coffee dates then turned to watching movies together, at a social distance by using FaceTime and linking movies together with Netflix Party. With the weather frigid near the start of their relationship, the couple made use of their vehicles to go on adventures, by putting their phones on Bluetooth and driving around town all while talking to each other. The date would then finish off with a trip through the drive-through and a chat in a parking lot, all while remaining in their own cars. And then about three weeks ago they became engaged after John popped the question, just as the sun was rising. They will marry in August.

Another couple Sally and Tom met when Tom was hired to help Candice move out of her home. After the move Tom he asked Sally out for coffee. She didn’t go at first. About three weeks later she thought, why not and accepted. Not expecting much. Since then they’ve had fires in the backyard, taken walks and go for bike rides, stuff like that. That was four weeks ago, and the couple has been going strong, appreciating the more subtle date nights at every turn.

While traditional date settings were more difficult to come by, a common thread for both couples was the strengthening they experienced in their relationship.

Love can happen under all circumstances and like the above couples we need to be more innovative in write touching romances during these pandemic times.

Comments anyone?