The post this month is love sex, & relationships are part of many books. What seems acceptable, what do you think current readers want, and what (for you) is going too far?


Now this is an interesting topic.

I’m not sure what current readers want. I think they each have their own preferences. They find an author who writes what that reader enjoys. If it’s sex they’re going to look for erotica. If it’s love they’ll find those sweet books. If they’re more interested in a strong plot with maybe a first-person detective, they’ll pick up one of those books.  

What’s going too far? I honestly don’t know. Today it’s all about pushing boundaries.

The reader will decide if it’s gone too far for their comfort zone and not read that author.

I do think the books need to be labelled (erotica, YA, RS, etc.) or described on the back cover blurb so the reader has some idea of the sex, relationship inside.

Love and relationships, those are my thing. I think they add an extra depth and layering to the character building, to the plot and eventually the HEA. I find the straight murder/suspense while a great story, leaves me feeling I’ve missed out on something, (the relationships) and the HEA.

All my books, The Hawkins’ Ranch series and The Fourth Victim have love, relationships and HEA. (and a modicum of sex) 😊

Interesting topic and I’m curious to see what the other authors have to say. And I’d love to hear what people have to say from a reader’s point of view.    

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Margaret Fieland

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