Meet Christina Lynn Lambert:

A few years ago, I read my first romance novel and I was hooked, so much so that I decided to give the idea of writing a story a chance.  My style is more gritty than sweet and I look forward to writing many more stories with strong heroines and imperfect but determined characters. Love, courage, hope, and second chances are a few of my favorite themes. When I’m not writing, I enjoy spending time outside and finding ways to avoid cooking. I live in beautiful Virginia with my husband, two daughters, and a sweet, hairy monster of a dog. 

Character Interview

Beverley: What’s your name?

Grant: Grant Mitchell

Beverley: Where did you grow up?

Grant: In a not so great area of New Jersey, USA

Beverley: During what time period does your story take place?

Grant: The present

Beverley: What’s your story/back story? Why would someone come up with a story about you?

Grant: Growing up, I never knew my dad so it was just me and my mom, though she wasn’t really around much. When she was around, she was usually drunk or worse. I tried to fix things up around the house because our landlord was skeevy and cheap. Money was tight so I paid whatever bills I could whenever I had (sometimes stole) enough cash.

I didn’t think much about the future when I was a kid. I was just trying to survive, day to day. My talent at math helped me earn a scholarship. After college, I put my math skills to good use and went into financial management. Numbers make more sense to me than people sometimes. 

I really don’t know why my author chose to write about me. I’m not very sociable and my sense of humor is kind of warped. I laugh at things I shouldn’t and love a good, dirty joke. I’m far from perfect but I’m a pretty decent guy, I guess.


What’s your goal in this story?

Grant: In the beginning of Bear’s Edge, I’m just trying to live my life without getting too attached to the people around me. I lost everyone I loved in a terrible fire and it took a long time for me to deal with the fact that a search and rescue worker turned me into a bear shifter rather than letting me die along with my friends.

My boss, Shayla, complicates my plans to stay alone forever. When I fell for her, I didn’t expect that she might have fallen for me too.

Beverley: What conflicts are you facing?

Grant: The problem with wanting Shayla? She’s my boss so that means we can’t date. Problem solved, right? That’s what I kept trying to tell myself but I couldn’t forget about her. I couldn’t stay away so I need to find a way for us to be together. But would she even want me if she knew I was a bear shifter? What about if she knew how screwed up my family history was? Or if she knew about some of the not-so-vanilla things I want from her in the bedroom?

I don’t know if Shayla could ever possibly want to be with me for the long haul but a conspiracy theory reporter is intent on proving Shayla is something other than human and I can’t let that happen. When that reporter puts Shayla’s business and her life in jeopardy, I have to find a way to keep her safe.

Beverley: Do you have a plan for resolving them?

Grant: Losing someone I love is my biggest fear and someone’s after Shayla. I’ll do whatever I can to keep her safe. I may have to make some decisions in the heat of the moment that will affect our lives forever. I just have to hope I make the right decisions. I hope she can forgive me if the decision wasn’t what she wanted after all.

Beverley: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

Grant: I’m not really into personal sharing or talking about my feelings and singing Adelle songs and all that mess. When I’m mad or freaked out or unsettled, I fix things around my house or build things. I built a gazebo for my back yard one weekend because I didn’t want to think about why I couldn’t stop thinking about Shayla. I still couldn’t stop thinking about her but lifting and hammering a bunch of heavy wooden beams eased my mind a bit.

I prefer being outside. The quiet and peace of being outdoors appeases the bear shifter side of me, plus, I don’t care for big crowds. Honestly, anywhere Shayla and I are together is my favorite place, even if we’re just walking around the hardware store or waiting in line at the pharmacy dealing with a snarky hipster clerk.

Anyway, thanks for talking with me.

Blurb for Bear’s Edge:

A boss can’t date her employee—simple as that. No matter how much Shayla wants to unravel a few of Grant’s mysteries and take her friendship with the shy, sarcastic man to the next level, she’s determined to keep her fantasies of him to herself. 

After bear shifter Grant lost his girlfriend and three best friends in a fire, he did his best to shut himself off from everyone around him. Falling for Shayla wasn’t part of his plan, but after a kiss that leaves them both speechless and hungry for more, Grant can’t keep his desire for his boss under wraps any longer. 

When things between the two of them get hotter than he could have imagined, Grant wonders if some of his darker desires will be too much for Shayla or will she embrace the needs he’s kept hidden for so long?

An obnoxious reporter and Shayla’s bitter ex have teamed up to chase down conspiracy theories that could destroy Shayla’s business and worse, put her life in danger. To find their happily ever after, Shayla and Grant will have to trust in each other and find a way to crush all the obstacles standing in their way.

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