December’s here. We made it. Congratulate yourself. One more month and we start a new year.

December 1 and I’ve put up my tree, decorated the house and done my Christmas cards. I can now play Christmas music and turn on the lights. When do you put up your tree? When do you start to play Christmas music? Or do you?

My Christmas shopping will be done mostly online. Even wearing a mask and trying to social distance the risk is elevated during this season. I’m not crafty enough to make things. My glass fusion studio where I can make gifts is south. Because of the closed border I’m up north. I’m trying to find local gifts or gifts from charity catalogues. I’m also making donations to local organizations like the Food Bank and The Mustard Seed. The affect of the pandemic has many more people depending on these resources to put food on their table and feed their children. And hopefully whatever country you live in, governments will help people that need it to survive the pandemic until we lower the risk and people get back to work.

I’ve also updated my website and sent out my newsletter. Both include a short Christmas story and a Christmas recipe. Different story and recipe for each of them. If you’d like to check them out go to my website   and for the newsletter go the heading across my website, click on More and in the drop down box click on Newsletter Signup. If you don’t receive the newsletter let me know.

It’s been a challenging year. For me it affected my writing, or lack of but I think my muse has decided to come back. That light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train. It’s hope. 2021 sounds like a step toward the new normalcy. Still wearing masks and social distancing will be needed to reduce the risk, and turn the curve downward, but businesses should be allowed to open. People should be able to return to work. 2021 should be a better year.

Have a safe month and a safe, Holiday Season!