I’m busy doing my taxes (dues April 30th ) and suddenly I quit adding numbers and realized I’m supposed to have a blog ready to post today. Yikes!

My mind is mush.   All I can think about is finding all my receipts. I was missing a couple of government ones and had to phone and listen to their lovely music waiting for an agent. They send it by the postal system. I’m working around it for now, adding and subtracting all my receipts and putting numbers into my working copy.

The reason I do it myself is I feel it keeps my brain active and I resent paying for programs of to have someone do it for me. I know I should probably take my shoebox with all the receipts and tax forms and give it to an account.

What do you do, as a writer? Do you do your own or pay someone to do it?

I figure out the percentage of the space and utilities etc. I use for my writing space, books, internet and take deductions for it. Once I figure out my business forma I can use the number and move on to the general form.  Why do they have all these funny formulas and percentages? Why can’t they say if you make $20,000 you pay certain amount? My theory is, if you do them yourselves, you’re so exhausted by the end of all the formulas you don’t care, you just want to finish them.

That’s my thought and I’m sticking to it, as I dive back into the numbers.

Depending what country you’re in, have you finished your taxes? Your thoughts on the process?