Who is your favorite hero and why?

I’ve found several awesome hero’s in my reading, but up until the last book, my favorite has always been Roarke from the ‘In Death’ series by JD Robb. Roarke … sigh. He’s tall, black hair, amazing blue eyes, a great physique and he’s absurdly handsome. He’s super wealthy but generous. He’s a reformed thief. He’s polite, intelligent, speaks with an Irish brogue. His voice is smooth whether he’s negotiating a business deal or spouting poetry. He’s considerate and a great lover. He is an awesome dresser and understands fashion and fashion statements, including from a woman’s viewpoint. He treats everyone well and his employees love him. He remembers anniversaries and all special dates He’s thoughtful and treats animals well.

Of my books, I think my favorite hero is Kye, from Targeted.   He is tall, black hair and brown eyes, well-built and muscular. He’s Native American from the Blackfoot tribe. He’s intelligent and well-spoken but he doesn’t treat women as equal. He wants to take care of them. He’s generous. As a lawyer he provides free service on legal issues with the local Blackfoot tribe. He believes in the supernatural and his past elders. He becomes more open to learning about relationships. 


       What about you? Who is your favorite hero from any book or genre?