From a writer’s point of view we should be thanking the corona virus. We are supposed to stay-at-home or shelter-at-home. How awesome is that?       We’ll have time to write. Well, some of us maybe.

If you have children who are not in school, and/or daycare, you’re busy doing home schooling and planning activities to keep your children occupied. After a day of this I’m sure by the evening and after they’re in bed, you’re exhausted. You might try writing 100 words a day. It’s about a paragraph and over a period of time you can get a lot written. If you need accountability to do this, there is a – 100 words for 100 days.

Or maybe you have your husband and other family members, older children or parents, also staying at home with you. There’s no place for you to write or a private spot where you can concentrate. A suggestion for you might be the bathroom – lock the door and write your novel by hand. It stimulates a different section of the brain and might work. Then when you have access to a computer you can type your work and edit at the same time.

Another option if you do have a space to write and can fit it in, you might find you’re not motivated to write. You stare at the computer. You reread what you have written so far. You doodle about where the story might go. You stare into space as you try to get inside your characters head, but they’re not cooperating. It’s possible you might even be a little depressed by what’s going on in the world and the isolation. Reach out to friends by phone or online. Again, maybe find a way to be accountable for writing even 100 words a day.

How are you coping? Any suggestions for struggling writers who aren’t getting the words down as they would like.