I love these group topics. They always make me think. This one is –

Why do you write or feel compelled to write even through the difficult parts?

And that’s where I am right now in my latest book.

It’s an interesting topic and can be taken a few ways. Why do I write or feel compelled to write? It’s something I’ve done all my life. When I wasn’t writing novels I wrote descriptions, plotted out stories, wrote whatever. It’s fun, it’s a challenge, and it’s what I do. Why do I feel compelled to write through the difficult parts?

I don’t give up. The options are to write through the difficult part or don’t finish the story. Can you imagine how many partially written books I’d have if I stopped whenever it got difficult? That’s one reason. The other reason to write through the difficult part is for the reader. If I don’t write through the difficult part it’s not going to be the best story I can write and the reader might feel cheated.

As I said at the beginning, that’s where I am now. I have finished my WIP but those difficult parts? I highlighted the sections in red when I was writing and skipped over them. Now I have to go back through the story and write in those red sections; describing a sharp shooter taking a shot from about two blocks away through a window; dropping in characteristics and common traits of a serial killer and fleshing out the paranormal aspects of the story. I have no choice. I have to write in all those difficult parts or the story won’t be that good.

I’m not sure if I answered the question, but I’m off to see what everyone else had to say and then back to writing through the difficult parts.

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