What unique situations have occurred in the writing process of any of your novels? Things where what you planned changed or the direction you thought the story was on deviated or transmuted?

This is a challenging topic. So many of my stories changed directions in the writing. Maybe the one that changed the most was Missing – Luke’s Story. Dr. Allie Parsons is a big city New York doctor with personal and family challenges she preferred not to face. It started out she was going to make a quick trip to a small town to make a doctor pay for his treatment of a girlfriend. During the writing the story morphed. Allie found the small-town doctor was kind, caring and never hurt anyone. The small town was friendly, welcomed her and accepted her. The doctor and has family enveloped her into their warm, normal family.  Nothing like the story I was going to write. Somehow the characters had their own version I was supposed to tell.

Hunted, developed a grove of ancient trees on a ranch where the spirits of Native American chiefs hung out and talked to the owner of the ranch. I have no idea where that came from but it shows up in all the Hawkins’ ranch series, now.

I’m looking forward to the unique situations other authors have written about. Come with me and check them out.

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