I’ve been asked to post on the ALLIE Fringe Festival so here’s a few highlights.
The second workshop I attended, and for me, the most interesting was Instafreebie Explosion. I had never heard of Instafreebie. It explained how to add thousands of targeted readers to your email list. I’ve learned that everything is about having a big email list. You can use it to send free copies to beta readers, or competition winners, and ebooks on multiple devices –not just kindle. You can start with a basic free account which gives you one author page. I haven’t used it yet but this looks like something I could use.

You can then upgrade to the Plus Account $20 a month but you get a free month. So if you’re looking at trying this out – schedule 2-3 events during your free month and see if it’s worth it to upgrade to the Plus Account. https://www.instafreebie.com/
Another workshop discussed Marketing Tips to a Best Selling Book. She listed 10 points that would help.
– Reviews – ask Facebook or Goodreads
– Giveaways – free chapters, free copies
– Cross promos with other author s – same genre
– Joint author mailings
– Promo giveaways – cross promoting
– Book bundle competitions
– Promo Giveaway – Paid Service (EG. Book Hub)
– Newsletter swap
– Paid ads – Facebook, Amazon, Book Bub
– Pricing Strategy

Check back Thursday for an author interview on marketing.