Summer is here and so is climate change apparently. Out here we’re setting records for high temperatures and forest fires. In other areas, they’re having torrential rains, winds, and tornadoes. How’s your summer going? I hope you’re managing whatever weather you have.

I‘m doing a little writing. I’ve finally set some goals. I’m editing and rewriting my latest WIP. It’s in a rough draft. I don’t have a title yet but I’m trying a few different ones. The two I’m working with at the moment are SHE SAW SHE RAN… MURDER UNLEASHED. I’m open to suggestions. If you check out my website for July, you’ll find an excerpt from the book there. down, it’s under the picture of the wolfhound, one of the main characters. I’d love to hear any comments.

I also just posted the Wednesday question on Would love to hear your answers.