I am editing my latest book, which is a little complex. So how should I list it? It could fall into more than one genre. I decided to check out what are the top selling genres.

The top selling adult genres in order are General Fiction, Romance, and Suspense Thrillers.

According to query Tracker the top ten requested genres by agents are:

1 Young Adult

2 Fantasy

3 Literary Fiction

4 Children’s

5 Science Fiction

6 Thrillers/Suspense

7 Middle Grade

8 Romance

9 Historical

10 Women’s Fiction

Which Genres Make the Most Money? 

Romance and Erotica are #1 in sales. That figure includes self-published romance as well. According to Bookstr , Crime and Mystery novels come in second, Inspirational and Religious books are third. Fantasy and Science Fiction come in at fourth and Horror fifth.

I gathered this information at https://publishedtodeath.blogspot.com/2017/11/what-are-most-popular-literary-genres.html  Check out the whole article.

So romance is #8 requested by agents, suspense #6 and women’s fiction number 10. But romance sells best followed by crime and mystery (maybe that includes suspense). So I guess I’m eliminating women’s fiction and sticking with romantic suspense.

Any comments on where you place your books and how you decide?