The topic for this month was  an excerpt from one of your stories that shows the spirit of this season (however you define it) and tell why you used it (excerpt does not have to be Christmas themed). OR write a short story or flash fiction piece for the season.

First, thank you Rhobin for these interesting topics all year.

Next, I don’t have any Christmas excerpts so I wrote a short piece with my characters from The Hawkins’ Ranch series. It’s a short piece on what I think would be an ideal Christmas with family. I hope you enjoy it.

Gabe watched Cody carefully picked up Gran, so she could place the star on the top of the tree. Gran and Grandpa Jack had bought the star their first Christmas. The had little money at the time and chopped down a small tree and strung it with popcorn balls, but they’d wanted a star. So, their Christmas present to each other had been that star. It had been on the family Christmas tree every year since.

Cody gently placed Gran down and she perched on the chair closest to the tree. Gabe smiled at the family gathering. Everyone was here for the annual tree lighting and dinner. Children skipped around the room putting red and green balls a on the lower branches and Lucky and Blue added their barks from behind the gated doorway. Annie put another record on the old record player in the corner. Silent Night filled the room.   Everyone joined in to sing along to the familiar lyrics. The children curled up with their parents. Gabe added his baritone voice to the words.

Cody sat down beside Maggie and Matt wriggled in between them. Kye stood behind the chair where Janna sat. Eli climbed up on her lap snuggled and against her shoulder. Kye’s hand rested on Janna’s shoulder touching her dark hair and Eli’s head. Molly, Matt and Eli knew the words and added their childish voices.

Even Luke had taken time away from his practice to be here with Allie and Molly, their adorable red-headed, adopted daughter.

As the song came to an end, Sam plugged in the lights and the eight-foot fir tree burst into light. Everyone oohhed. The children grinned. Gabe smiled. It was a familiar scene filled with love. Delicious smells of carefully spiced mulled wine and Christmas baking emitted from thee kitchen. He and his family had so much to be thankful for. Maybe this would be the year he’d add a new member to the growing family – maybe. Until then he’d appreciate another special Hawkins’ Christmas with his family, food, music and love. It would be a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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