Most novels have an easily understood point to make to the reader, do your stories ever have more subtle or intuitive themes?

Thanks, Rhobin. This is an interesting and thought-provoking topic.

In most of my books the theme and point are usually good triumphs over evil and women can be strong heroines, capable of becoming equals to their male counterparts.

Do they have more subtle themes? In A Cruise to Remember the underlying theme was Alzheimer’s. It showed how it affected people and how they coped. And hopefully how they could still a productive life. It also discussed and show amnesia and how a victim struggled.

In other stories perhaps the small things that show how the woman develops and her strengths could be more subtle themes.

Or in Targeted, there is maybe a subtle discussion of the First Nations (Canadian term) or American Indian, and some of their history.

I’m interested in what other people do in their writing. Check them out with me.

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