I was researching for some background information, and I remembered a conversation I had with a friend. She wrote historical romance. I said I couldn’t write historical because it took too much research. She laughed and said she didn’t write contemporary romantic suspense because she thought it took too much research. My conclusion is that all writers do research, for all genres. You do it for your books. Sci-fi and futuristic novels take a different type of research, building a new world. Fantasy is another genre which still needs research.

Before Wi-Fi and the internet research was a lot more difficult. You spent hours at the library, taking notes and photocopying and checking out library books. You bought books on synopses, scene and structure, and character building. You read and made notes. It took a lot of time and a lot more effort. It also costs money. If you’re reading this blog, you have access to the internet.

You might also attend a workshop if your writing chapter offered one or if it was within travel distance. It cost money to pay the fee and maybe the travel. Nowadays r ich or poor you can do your research and adjust it to your lifestyle.

Now you probably spend a lot of time on your laptop, tablet or phone on everything, your life, your health, your family, your pet, anything. You can get reliable, trusted information from medical institutions, well known foundations (Cancer Institute) Heart foundation, arthritis, qualified individuals. You can also research your resource to make sure they are valid. Research is easier and also more fun these days.

Online classes are easily available and cover the craft of writing as well as resource topics and instructors on all genres. It’s easier to research whatever genre you write, but with it comes more responsibility. People read books, all genres, to learn so as a writer you need to make sure that the information in your novels is accurate and informative.

Enjoy your research.