Only 17 th days until Christmas Are you ready?

I’ve decorated the tree and the house.   How about you?

This is my first Christmas here because we always go south. But with the border closed we’re staying home in the cold and snow. I found our artificial tree and two big moving boxes filled with Christmas stuff. I had forgotten a lot of it, and I haven’t decorated in our new home since we moved in four years ago. But I managed to find places for everything. All my Christmas CD’s are down south, but I found Spotify, so I have Christmas music. My ugly Christmas sweater and jewelry are also down south. Sigh…

I don’t decorate or play Christmas carols until after December 1st.     What about you? When do you put up lights, decorate your tree and play Christmas music?

Covid has definitely disrupted my plans, but nothing compared to what other people are going through. I’ve done some baking and I’m doing all my Christmas shopping online. Another change because of Covid. It works but I admit I prefer actual shopping where you can see the item, figure out the size needed, touch it, feel it, and even smell it. And Christmas songs play throughout all the stores.

Are you writing during this season or have you taken a break?

I am writing. I just finished a BIAW so I’m writing. And I’ve written two short Christmas stories. One is on my website at https://www.beverleybateman and in my newsletter, along with a couple of my Christmas recipes. I try to write a few minutes every day. If I stop it’s hard to get back into a routine.

Are you reading? Would love to hear what books you’re reading. Watching Christmas movies?

Covid has also changed our Christmas dinner. With Covid on the increase our new regulations state you can only have the people living in your household to dinner. So, there will only be two of us at dinner this year. If you want to have up to ten people you have to eat outside and social distance. Since it’s below freezing that won’t be happening. If it saves lives in our community and helps to stop the spread of Covid, two for dinner is a small sacrifice. Next year we’ll be able to have a regular Christmas. What will you be doing this year?

I’d love to hear from everyone about your Christmas plans and maybe how Covid is affecting them.