The topic for this month’s group blog is to review or recommend a book, a short story, or an online article, or a post on someone’s blog. It’s an interesting topic, but I have a confession. I haven’t been reading lately. I have a huge TBR pile but life and the arrival of winter with two blizzards have left me staring at the pile. I did read Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I enjoyed it.

I usually read fiction, mostly romantic mysteries and suspense, not memoirs, but I’m a fan of Michelle Obama. I enjoyed this book. It is well-written and begins when she’s a young child and decides at age four she will play the piano, even though she’d never played. It an insight into her personality even at a young age. Her description of her family and extended family and life in Chicago is a down to earth picture of her upbringing and the life on a black family. She shares her honest experiences, both positive and negative, which shows her ambitions, her standards and her development into the person so many people admire.

I enjoyed her description of meeting Barack, her future husband, and the development of their relationship and love. How he proposed, beliefs and hers and how they worked through conflict. They both love children and how difficult it was for them to have their two girls.

As a reader and writer of romance, I enjoyed their story, as well as the journey to becoming president and first lady. I recommend this book.

Now I’m going to check out our other authors and their recommendations. Please join me.

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