Now this is an interesting topic. What is the oddest character you have ever dreamed up, and how did they fit into a story?

First, I had to figure out what made a character odd? Their appearance, their occupation, their hobby, did they come from space? I write contemporary but with a touch of paranormal. My WIP has a dog that may have a paranormal element. My Hawkins Ranch series has a grove of trees where the spirits of Native Americans reside and talk to the owners of the ranch. I decided on Lillian Abernathy from A Cruise to Remember. She’s a widow in her sixties with Alzheimer’s and a touch of kleptomania. She wants to repeat a cruise she and her deceased husband had taken, to bring back memories, while she still can. She’s takes Hallie, the heroine with amnesia, on the cruise as her companion. They travel through the Caribbean where they are considered potential jewel thieves.

Lillian is a strong secondary companion who helps the story progress with both the plot development and the growth and development of the heroine. She plays matchmaker, and also brings a little of her own romance into the story.       

I’m looking forward to reading about other authors odd characters. Join me in checking them out.

Skye Taylor

Victoria Chatham

A.J. Maguire

Dr. Bob Rich

Connie Vines

Diane Bator

Fiona McGier

Judith Copek

Rhobin L   Courtright

I’d also love to hear from people about the oddest character they’ve read about.