I think marketing is probably the hardest part of writing. If you’re starting on your marketing journey, I have a few tips for you. When you’re preparing, work within your comfort zones, If you hate Facebook, you don’t have to use it. Also, set a time limit for the amount of time per day or week that you want to spend on marketing.

The first thing people recommend is to have your own website, even if your book isn’t published yet. You can hire someone to do this for you or you can do your own. If you’re not up for a website, then have a blog site. You can set this up yourself on Blogger or WordPress. There are also lots of information on how to set it up and classes on WordPress. These will help build your mailing list.

A mailing list is another marketing tool. You can use your website, newsletters, and giveaways to develop your mailing list.

In your byline or logline, always include your website or blog and your latest book.

Next, have your book cover professionally designed. An eye-catching cover is a great marketing tool and you can have it displayed on your website or blog.

Write a great book blurb. It will be on your book cover, but you can also use it on your website or blog and in social media posts.

Which brings us to the next marketing tip, use social media. Set up an author page on Facebook and an account with Twitter. You can also use Pinterest, Instagram, Triberr, Tumblr, and others. Post on your own accounts but also follow others and like and share their posts. It’s helpful to observe what types of posts get the most likes, shares, and retweets. Use this information to improve your own social media.

The next marketing tip is to get reviews for your book. The quickest and easiest way to get a review is to request one from a reviewer who reviews your genre. Contact them with a free copy and a request to review your book. You can look up reviewers on Amazon’s top reviewers, by Googling ‘book reviewers’, or they are listed on some writing loops.  

You can also do ads. Google and Amazon both have ads for authors. You can join Goodreads Author Program, use Amazon’s Book Promotional Tools and Programs, and use book discounting sites like Bookbub and Book Gorilla.

Good luck with whatever works for you.