Here are some Online classes, presented by the Kiss Of Death Writing Chapter. We call the online classes the College of Felony and Intrigue (COFFIN ). There are two types. KillerInstincts is more the craft of writing and MurderOne is the police, Military, PI’s etc. Check them out.

October 1-31

Killer Instincts:  Writing a Romantic Novella

Instructor:  Catherine Chant

In this workshop you will learn what a novella is, how it’s more than word count that separates it from a novel, and how to successfully craft one of your own.

Lesson topics include: Scope and Pacing, Character Development, Conflict, Plot and Format. At the end of the workshop, you will have a brief outline of a novella you can start working on this year, a list of prospective publishers to submit your work to, and some tips for self-publishing your novella at Amazon, if you prefer to go the indie route.

The workshop includes exercises with every lesson designed to strengthen the concepts discussed.

Instructor Bio:  Catherine Chant is an active member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and a Golden Heart® finalist. She writes rock ‘n’ roll romantic fiction and stories with paranormal twists for young adults. You can connect with Catherine on her website , on Twitter  @Catherine_Chant , or on Facebook  Catherine ChantNovels .

Murder One:  Writing the Private Investigator

Instructor:  Steve Pease

Television and movies do not reflect real life. Surprised? The Private Eye’s image in the mind of most Americans (and elsewhere) was formed on the screen and in pulpy mystery novels, and it’s mostly wrong. We don’t pull guns, beat up thugs, drink whiskey with a straw or take dirty photos thru motel Venetian blinds. We’re in a tough business, and we need insurance, permits, equipment and coffee. Oh, and good shoes and a comfy chair. This 12-lesson course will present a very practical view of the single-person PI business based on my experience as a licensed PI2 in Colorado. I’ll cover the main duties of the investigator, the effort needed to run a sustaining business and a few anecdotes to illustrate points. I’ll recommend resources, steer you away from a few, and suggest a couple things you can do to experience the PI life, AND, get some real-life details into your stories.

Outline – subject to refinement

The Private Eye cliché What a PI does – tasks, specialties PI Qualifications and training, licensing, guns, badges, clothes The PI business, bond/insurance, office, phone, internet, marketing Taking the Case – how’s this work? Tasks: Background – who are you?  Tasks: Surveillance – wha’cha doin’? Tasks: Criminal – bad boy, bad girl! Tasks: Corporate – wha’cha stealin’? Tasks: Infidelity – tsk, tsk! Ethics – kill the stereotype and save your license Recommended references Instructor Bio:  Steve Pease is a licensed Private Investigator in Colorado. He is retired from a career in Intelligence and space engineering. He teaches a KoD course in writing against the intelligence cliché. He has published military history, and SF/mystery/horror fiction as Michael Chandos. He is working on a romantic-suspense novel featuring an elegant lady who runs a lacey tea shop – and who knocked off her abusive husband with some lethal tea and put him in the rose bed

November 1-29

Killer Instincts:  Graphics for Social Media

Instructor:  Brandy Ayers

Murder One:  What is Criminal Profiling?

Instructor:  Pete Klismet

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