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I finished reading my Daphne books and found a couple of great reads. I’m not sure I should make any recommendations but Loreth Anne White has new book out “The Girl in the Moss’ which is terrific. 


I am finally getting more organized. I got my garden in (not writing orientated) and I’m busy trying to eat healthy. I’ve decided I’m a flexitarian, eating less red meat and more vegetarian and having fun trying out new recipes. And I’m catching up on all those writing extras. I’m also getting back into writing mode, which I said last month.


I’m still working on two books at the same time, The Foundation series and the stand alone, Death Southern Style. And I keep thinking about Gabe’s Story – an abused woman who finally escapes her husband. 


Here’s another short excerpt from the second book of The Foundation series, Liability Wife Lydia’s story.  Hopefully you’ve read Book one of The Foundation series, The Fourth Victim Sara’s Story. If not and you’d like to check it out, there are a couple of links below – and you can also win Amazon gift cards. 


If you have read The Fourth Victim Sara’s Story, remember Lydia? Lydia is another member of the team. She’s the wealthy Florida socialite married to a doctor. It’s her money but he wants it and if they divorce he gets nothing. So he’s hired a hit man.  She’s still part of her team and they’re off to South American to save a woman. Here’s a short excerpt (draft).  

Hidden in the shadows they watched the guards change. The heavy under growth prevented any sun shining through but keep the humidity locked in, giving the air a sauna-like feel.  
"Ready?" Lydia whispered.  
Sara nodded, moving toward the path. She got the assignment because she spoke fluent Spanish. With her dyed black and make up darkening her skin she looked Peruvian. Mac had helped her dye her hair and use the skin darkener. He really had come a long way. With a quick glance at her team she pulled a scarf over her head and sauntered towards the prison gate.  
Maggie moved with her, sliding into the undergrowth near the guard.  
The guard stopped her,  
"I'm working in the kitchen today. Maria is sick."  
He nodded and waved another guard to escort her.  
"Scuse." Sara bumped into him as she passed, pocketing his gate key. She dropped into Maggie's hand as she proceeded into the prison.  
In the kitchen Sara removed her scarf and pulled on an apron. The head cook shouted at her in Spanish to make the soup.  
Sara swallowed a smile. The soup was perfect. As she added bouillon and water she pulled out a slim container from her pocket and dumped a large portion of the powder into the cauldron. Continuing to stir, she hummed a melody from her childhood. This had been easier than they expected, but would the rest of the plan work as smoothly?  
When she finished the soup Sara checked the coffee, adding more water and a generous dump of powder.  
A few hours later, after finishing the menu for dinner Sara left the prison. Maggie returned the key to her form a hidden post in a bush near the gate.  
Sara smiled at the guard, running her fingers up his chest s she returned his key. Then, smiling, she swaggered down the trail, hips undulating, as she headed toward town. Rounding the corner she slipped off the trail into the darkness of the jungle where her team waited.  
"They should sleep well." Sara grinned as they crept through the underbrush to the temporary camp they had set up.  
Several hours later, in the pitch black of night, the four women made their way back to the prison gate. Dressed in fatigues and black face the women waited outside the prison gate for the change of guards.  
Lydia nodded and they crept forward to the gate. Inside a guard slumped to one side, leaning against the pillar, snoring loudly.  
Maggie pulled out the key and opened the gate, just enough for the women to slip inside.  
Once in the courtyard Maggie grabbed the guard's keys. Sara led the way through the prison, at a fork she turned away from the kitchen and toward the cells. As they searched for Dr. Miguay a few inmates woke, shouting to be released. Most slept soundly.  
Dr. Miguay had a cell to herself near the end. Opening the cell door, Sara found the woman sleeping soundly. "Damn, she must have eaten the soup. Quick, Maggie, the antidote."  
Maggie dug into her pack and handed saran a syringe. Sara shot it into the doctor's upper arm and waited.  
She remained asleep on her cot for several more minutes. Finally her eyes flickered open. She stared up at the four women.  
Speaking in Spanish Sara said, "We're here to rescue you. We're Americans. We're taking you to the United States."  
Dr. Miguay tried to sit.  
Sara helped her reach a sitting position and swing her legs over the edge of the cot and stood up slowly, stilling staring at Sara. Sara grabbed the woman's hand and pulled her forward, slinging her over her shoulder.  
Outside the cell Sara dropped the doctor to the floor. Maggie took the doctor's other hand and  
The doctor nodded as they plunged through the dense underbrush, Diane hacking away at roots between them they pulled her down the corridor between the cells toward the front gate.  
"This way," Sara said in Spanish as they charged into the underbrush. "We have about an hour until we get to our plane."  
The doctor nodded. "I speak English. Why are you doing this?"  
"We don't like to see women abused." Diane gave a curt laugh. "You do good work."  


Targeted by Beverley Bateman

U.S. Cover

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