Canada Day and July 4th help bring in July

Wow! We’re already half way through the year. I’m evaluating what I’ve accomplished so far – and what I haven’t. I’m resetting my goals for the last part of the year, both writing and non-writing, because there’s always that ‘life’ thing. I need to keep the weeds out of the yard and Ii don’t use a spray or weed killer so it means doing it by hand – and we have mostly gravel.

I’m still working on healthy nutrition which is important to me.


I’m also busy doing my blog with lots of great authors and some interesting topics. Click on my blog and check out my blog site. And if you’d like to be a guest send me an email or post on my blog.


Romance Writers Conference

I’m heading off to New York for the Romance Writers Conference this month. I love visiting New York, meeting up with friends, attending workshops, wandering around Times Square and eating at fun places. And we’re going to the FBI and getting a day of information from them. I’ll tell you all about when I get back.


I’m still working on two books at the same time, The Foundation series and the stand alone, Death Southern Style. I’m spending more time on Liability Wife. I would like to have it complete by mid-September. We’ll see.



Here’s another short excerpt from the second book of The Foundation series, Liability Wife Lydia’s story.  Hopefully you’ve read Book one of The Foundation series, The Fourth Victim Sara’s Story. If not and you’d like to check it out, there are a couple of links below – and you can also win Amazon gift cards.


I would love to hear any comments, especially those that might improve the story...


The doctor nodded as they plunged through the dense underbrush, Diane hacking away at roots when needed.

"Do you have water? They wouldn't give me any."

Sara nodded. "But you'll have to wait until we get to the plane. We can't afford to stop. They'll wake up any minute."

"What did you give them?"

"I put ---- in their soup and coffee." Sara grinned over her shoulder.

As they raced through the darkness with only a flashlight illuminating the leaves and branches, the humidity clung to every pore. After almost an hour of skittering of animals as the woman passed and chattering of monkeys in the trees as their sleep was disturbed, they raced into the clearing. The pilot started the engine. Maggie climbed up into the helo and put her hand down to grab Dr Miguay. Sara helped push the doctor into the plane and hiked herself over the doorway. Diane and Lydia climbed in quickly and the pilot took off. Lydia shoved her water canteen into the doctor's hands.

As the plane circled the clearing rising higher into the air the women could see guards running from the prison toward their jeeps, heading down the road.

"They know where Che Guevarra is. They're going to kill him." Dr. Miguay cried out at the women. “You have to get a message to him. He must not die.”


Carly turned to Sara. "We don't save men - not our issue. We can't save everyone on the planet.

Sara rubbed her arms, trying to warm them from the January cold. It was a shock to the system after the Peru heat and humidity. “I know, but can you use your contacts to get word to him? Dr. Miguay gave us this name and how to pass a message on."


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Missing by Beverley Bateman

Have a great summer. Stay out of the direct sun and use lots of sunscreen.

I’ll be back after New York.