In previous posts I’ve addressed some of the external changes to writing – the kindle and e-publishing, the increase on e-publishing sites and publishers and the amalgamation of regular publishers and more cross genres.   Lots of changes for authors and readers.

Today I want to talk about actual changes to the writing process. I don’t think the process and the “rules” have changed that much. Character development, plotting, goal, motivation and conflict, scene and structure, tight writing, show don’t tell, and a balance of narrative and dialogue are all important to well written book.

I’m not going to go into detail on each of the above, but I am going to share a reference for each one.  Character development – if you don’t develop characters your readers like or love they won’t read your book.  What conflict is there between the hero and heroine? Check out ‘The Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes and Heroines’, (Sixteen Master Archetypes by Tami Cowden, Carol LaFever and Sue Viders.

You need to figure out your plot and then what do the hero and heroine want? Why can’t they get it? What fight do they have to have to reach that goal? Scene and structure by Jack M. Bickham can help you set up the structure of your book so it flows smoothly.   You might also read Goal, Motivation and conflict by Debra Dixon.

A lot of the other basic “rules” can be found in ‘Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies’   by Leslie Wainger and/or Stephen King’s On Writing.

If you have any books you recommend or keep beside your computer I’d love to hear about them. Please share with us. Or if you have any writing tips, also please share.