USA Today Bestseller Author Eileen Troemel writes action packed and emotionally powerful fantasy, scifi, romance. She’s versatile and writes in many genres.  She’ll try almost any genre if it means she can tell a good story.  In addition to her writing, she loves to read, crochet, and research genealogy.  Her best days are spent with her family of three adult daughters and her husband or writing.  

Author Interview

Beverley: Which genre or genres do you write or prefer to write? And why?

Eileen: I write in many genres.  So far, I’ve published the majority of stories in scifi romance and fantasy romance.  However, I have stories in paranormal, shifter, and a variety of others.  I’ll have a contemporary romance and alternate history.  I like trying different genres because it challenges me to shape my story differently.  

Beverley: Who influenced you the most in deciding to become a writer?

Eileen: In my late 30s, I was really an unhappy person. Once I had kids I stopped writing and decided I wanted to pick it up again.  When I did, I found myself again.  I started with poetry and then toyed with writing romance.  My daughters really encouraged me.  My oldest spent a lot of time talking plots with me when I worked on my first romance.  My middle daughter gave me the smack on the head (not literally) about shifting to self published.  My youngest daughter was encouraging about continuing to write. 

Beverley: What gets your creative juices flowing?

Eileen: Anything… everything… One of my poems was inspired because my garage light went out one morning as I was walking to my car.  My brain came up with – Standing in the dark.  This turned into a poem. For Seven Sisters, I’ve always said if there are aliens out there, they wouldn’t come here because we’re too primitive.  So the aliens are told – to save their world they must come to earth and they consider it a backwards planet.  But they had to come here to find their mates.  Inspiration can come from a phrase on the radio or a tv show or almost anywhere.

Beverley: Do you have a favorite cartoon character? Why?

Eileen: Not really. 

Beverley: Who would you love most to meet ‘in person’ and why?

Eileen: There’s a group of people.  I’d like to meet my great grandmother from my dad’s side.  She moved to the US when she was sixteen.  Her family life in Ireland was unstable and coming here she met and married my great grandfather.  The family stories about her indicate she was sassy and strong.  But not just her, I’d like to as an adult talk with my grandmothers and other descendants.

Beverley: If you had an unexpected free day what would you do with it?

Eileen: Free day?  This never happens.  But if it did, I’d probably either write, crochet (and watch movies or documentaries), and read.  If my family is available, spending time with them is always a good option. 

Beverley: What are you working on now?

Eileen: I work on a variety of things at once.  On the Line will be out in January.  It’s a contemporary romance in the K Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes world.  Marelo will be out in March.  It’s a sweet fantasy short story.  I’ve got a dark romance which is nearly done with a first draft.  It started as a short story and I’m building it up into a full novel.  I’ve got a contemporary holiday romance which will come out in November of next year in time for the winter holidays.  I’ve got a reverse harem scifi romance called Star Stranded.  This started as short story for an anthology but I think I can expand it to a novel.  I’ve got a dragon shifter book, panther shifter book, and a variety of others in different stages.  

Blurb for Seven Sisters

Aliens invade Earth!

Following prophecy Mycos traveled Across the universe to trade old technology to the backwards world in order to find his true mate.

Surviving the plague and life on the streets Lydia Struggles to keep her 6 sisters alive and safe. Mycos demands Lydia submit to him. She refuses.

Will he compromise in order to win her over and open the world up for other Hylatians to find their fated mates?

The fates of both worlds rests with these seven sisters.

Excerpt from Seven Sisters

“Ooof,” Lydia expelled air as she bumped into the tall man in the street. One of the aliens, one of the tall dark aliens who landed three months ago to make their world better. She glanced over her shoulder as strong arms held her tight against a strong male body. “Sorry,” she murmured as she hurried away, fear driving her from arms that felt safe.

Lydia scurried around the corner, down the alley. Evasion, escape were key at this point. The two boys, teenage boys following her, wanted her. If they got their hands on her, she would be dragged back to the hidey hole of their gang. She’d had run ins with them before and knew what their gang did to other street girls like herself. She didn’t see the dark alien follow her, didn’t sense danger from him. Six years on the street, she knew danger. She knew when to run, to hide, and to fight.

One of the boys jumped in front of her, grabbing her arms, holding her with a sneer. “Thought you’d escape again,” he growled in her ear, pulling her closer.

She punched him in the diaphragm, heard his woof of air, heard him grunt in pain. She turned to escape him only to have the other boy grab her. How had she missed him? She turned into him, her body already there. Stepping nearer him rather than trying to escape, she took him by surprise. He grinned as his arms wrapped around her thin body. Her knee made sharp contact with his groin, he dropped to his knees clutching himself and moaning. The first boy grabbed for her but she threw a quick jab at his nose. Blood spurted making him clutch his obviously broken nose.

She ran. She ran away from them in a direction perpendicular to where she wanted to go. She took to the streets, the busy ones full of workers and shoppers. Looking back, she saw no one, felt no one pursuing her. She hoped she lost them but dare not risk them following her back to her safe place. 

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