I’m back from Denver. Met up with friends attended workshops and had fun. The first workshop was with the ATF, which is the Bureau Alcohol, Tobacco firearms and Explosives.   They come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice.   It was an all day workshop and we had seven different members of the ATF speak to us and answer questions during the day. It was a very educational day.

The agents who presented during the day were with the Denver office.  The Denver Field Division covers large area which includes Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. According to the speakers, Wyoming has the lowest crime rate after Rhode Island. Utah has the highest crime rate, especially in the Salt Lake City area.

The first speaker was Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Debbie Livingston. The training academy is is S. Georgia. Training takes seven months and includes 100 hours of firearms training, including low-light shooting. They also train in arson, explosives, understanding fire dynamics, breaching doors, etc. The physical training includes push-ups, sit-ups, pool swimming and rope climbing as well as documentation in law, like writing subpoenas. They don’t hire people over 37 years of age except for some exceptions, such as persons with military or law enforcement backgrounds. Physical fitness testing isn’t required after hiring and training. It’s voluntary but comes with a one hundred dollar incentive. (But most of the speakers look in very good condition) Everyone must score 80% in all areas to pass.

That’s a quick introduction to the ATF. There’s more to come. Check back for more info, including accelerant and explosive sniffing dogs.