As I said in my previous post, Death Southern Style is finally finished and available for pre-order. It took longer than I had expected or hoped but last year was a challenging year.

It’s been edited and re-edited, formatted, and I have a cover I love. Now what?   I guess it’s promotion. I just took a workshop on Amazon ads. Apparently, it’s not enough to put your book out there, you need to advertise it.   Advertising is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.  So now I need to review my notes and see if I can figure out how put an ad together.  

And I also took a workshop on Facebook ads which apparently are also very important if you want to sell your book and make a living at writing. The main point of the Facebook ads is to develop a mailing list. In this day and age, a mailing list is the most powerful tool about publishing your book. The mailing list enables you to launch your book successfully and enables you to get reviews. Part of figuring out the Facebook ads is figuring out the cost and the cost per subscriber. 

So, you figure out how much to pay for the ad and then how many names you get for your mailing list.   You should also review your ad frequently to see how effective it is and revise it if necessary.

And then you need to tweet about the ads.

 We didn’t go into exactly what you needed to

 tweet or how often. I don’t know about you,

but I could probably write several new chapters

of a new book in the time it would take to

do all this.

 I’d love to hear your thoughts on advertising, the  amount of time involved and the cost and how you deal with it.

And if you’d like to pre-order Death Southern Style here’s the link