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Rapid World Changes and Contemporary Fiction

It’s the first group blog of the year and we’re talking about how can contemporary fiction cope with the rapid changes of today’s world? I find it an interesting topic because I’m having a challenge keeping up with all the changes, the affect computer technology has on everything. In writing it’s difficult. When you write contemporary you have to consider who will be reading, (age group, male or female) and then, when will they be reading it. Will it be this year, or will your book still be available in five years and will it be relevant? For example, maybe five years ago people till used a landline. Now your h/h better be using a cellphone and how advanced is their cellphone, does it keep up with today’s technology? What about vehicles? Do they drive an electric car? Is there a charging station available? Then there are the serious challenges like climate change, nutrition and diseases. Five people were not seriously addressing climate change. In the next five years what affect will it have on the earth? And will you address it as part of your novel, avoid it? What about nutrition? A lot of novels, contemporary or otherwise, have multiple scenes centered around food. Does you heroine only eat plant-based foods? Is he vegetarian? And what will they still be eating in five years if your book is available? How do we cope with the changes? As writers we need to do our research, be aware of today’s culture ...
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Heroes or Protagonists with Dr. Bob Rich – Plus Free Books

Today we’re lucky to have Dr. Bob Rich join us.I’m reposting the article for those of you who might have missed it the first time. Bob writes books that make you think. I find them fascinating and usually not what I was expecting.Plus, Bob is going to giveaway 3 books ...
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Beverley Updates Her Life

I thought I’d update some of the things I’m up to. I said I was going to get a new website and a new photo. After much dragging of feet and grimacing, I found a web designer that didn’t break the bank and appears to be good. The site is ...
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The topic for this month is marketing. I’d love to hear from all of you, your thoughts on marketing. I can’t speak to those published by traditional publishers but my understanding is that you need to do most of your own marketing. I’ve attended several workshops and the general message ...
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Going to Conference

I’m getting ready to head off to Orlando, Florida for the Romance Writers of America (RWA) National conference. Anyone else still a member of RWA? One of the reasons I continue to be an RWA member is because of my online chapter, Kiss of Death. I can’t be a member ...
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