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Alice Renaud and her Latest Novel

Alice lives in London, UK, with her husband and son. By day she’s a compliance manager for a pharmaceutical company. By night she writes fantasy romance about shape-shifting mermen, water monsters and time-traveling witches. Her first book, “A Merman’s Choice,” was published in January 2019. It is the first book in the Sea of Love fantasy romance series, inspired by the landscapes and legends of Brittany and Wales. The second and third books, “Music for a Merman,” and “Mermaids Marry in Green,” are out now. Alice loves reading and writing stories, and sharing them with anyone who’s interested! Character Interview: Beverley: What’s your name?  Bryony: Bryony Benetynn Beverley: Where did you grow up? Bryony: On the Morvann Islands, a remote archipelago off the coast of Wales, the homeland of my people, the shifter merfolk. Beverley: During what time period does your story take place? Bryony: Over two days and one night, in Las Vegas. Beverley: What’s your story/back story? Why would someone come up with a story about you? Bryony: I think I’m the first openly gay mermaid in the Morvann Islands. When I fell in love with a sexy witch, Maia, my family couldn’t accept that relationship. Maia and I decided to run off to Las Vegas, where we could live and love in peace. My author wanted to tell my story for the BVS collection of LGBTQIA+ romance stories, “Rainbow Desire”. Beverley: What’s your goal in this story? Bryony: My goal is to make my girlfriend Maia happy ...
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Marketing – Is It or Isn’t It?

A few years ago I attended a workshop at RWA with author, Bob Mayer. One of the things he said was if you’re self-publishing don’t even think about marketing until you have at least three books published, four or five, even better. I thought this made sense and marketing scared ...
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Crime Scene Forensics for Writers and Readers.

I’m continuing on with the workshop on Forensics for Writers. There was so much information ion that workshop and hopefully it might be of interest. For security the crime scene should be roped off; the larger the area the better. Establish an area for the media away from the scene ...
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Beginnings, Endings and Sagging Middles

It’s that time for another group blog. This month’s topic is ‘How do you ensure a story has a good beginning, a satisfying ending, and good continuity in between?” It’s a great topic, but my first thought was, if I knew that I’d be a NY Times best seller. But ...
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Meet Michael D. Smith and CommWealth

Michael D. Smith was raised in the Northeast and the Chicago area, before moving to Texas to attend Rice University, where he began developing as a writer and visual artist.  In addition to exhibiting and selling paintings and drawings, he’s completed fifteen novels. Smith’s writing in both mainstream and science ...
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