I thought I’d update some of the things I’m up to.

I said I was going to get a new website and a new photo. After much dragging of feet and grimacing, I found a web designer that didn’t break the bank and appears to be good. The site is ready to go live, but I don’t have the photo – yet. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

So the website showcases my books and has a social media page. It imports things from twitter and Facebook. All the pictures are very old – some 4 years old. When I questioned it I learned that I didn’t use Facebook very much (which I knew) and if I didn’t use it I was left with 4 year old pictures and posts. So I guess I need to update my Facebook every little while. I’ll be working on that.
The website is also hooked up to my blog. Hopefully I can figure that out.
I’ll let people know as soon as the website is live, probably later this week. I’d love to hear what you think of it. 






And the photo –ah yes – I’m living in a small town so I’m trying to find a photographer. Wedding pictures, baby pictures and grad pictures seem to be the focus. Then I realized I needed digital photographer, which made it more challenging. I finally found someone who said they did digital and sent me the measurements (a minimum of 300 dpi) which I sent to the web people and they said it would work. It turns out the photographer is an in-house photographer at Couture Fashion Week in NY, has photographed people like Dr. Phil, William Shatner and Danny Glover. Who knew? She had me change tops three times, took a lot of pictures and was a fun person. Her husband is also a writer, so I don’t think I could have picked anyone better. And you’ll see the new me once I get the photos and make a pick and when the web goes live.

I’ve also done a little advertising for my newest book, By Design –which is the first time I’ve done that. And I’m starting back working on Death Southern style. I’m also blogging on Lois Winston’s site June 28, at http://anastasiapollack.blogspot.ca/. Drop by and say ‘hi’.