I write dogs into most of my stories. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I feel pets, in my case dogs, are wonderful companions and can make our life much better. They also teach us about caring and responsibilities. I find that subconsciously I end up putting a dog into my stories.

When I write a dog into my novels they usually belong to the heroine. And they aren’t just a nice pet that wags their tail and looks cute. Most of the time they are mutts. They frequently are a character in the story. In Targeted, Lucky is a stray the heroine rescues. Then Lucky sort of rescues her.  In Death Southern Style, the dog, Marie Laveau, has psychic abilities.  

I love my dogs and I find writing about them in my stories is fun. They can add to the plot in many different ways. They can help develop the characters. Hopefully, the reader will enjoy them and accept their role in the story.

I was watching a new series on TV the other night and in the first program, there was a dog as part of the team. I smiled and immediately became more interested in the program. I hope that works for my readers, too.

Other authors have cats, hamsters, and parrots in their stories. What about you? Do you write pets into your stories? Do you like to read about pets in a novel.? If you do, what kind of pets? I’d love to hear your thoughts about animals in novels.

(And this is my rescue dog. :))