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Just Like You
They 're cloning for profit. Who's going to die next?

On the other side of the hospital another black limousine eased to a stop in front of a side exit door. The door opened. A soft yellow light shone out from the inside. Grethe Byrne stepped out, visible in the yellow light. She allowed the door to close behind her. The light was extinguished and she stood in the darkness. She’d been waiting for the limo to arrive but didn’t want to call attention to it. The driver unwound himself from the front seat, stood up and adjusted his cap. Then he strode around the front of the car, stopping at the back door. He opened it and stepped back. A slender woman, maybe in her mid-thirties, wearing a simple, but very expensive designer black suit and hat stepped out and tripped up the stairs in her four inch heels.

Diamonds flashed on her wrist and her ears.

The driver closed the back door. As the woman reached the top step, she turned back toward him. “Charles, check with my husband in about a week. I should be ready by then.”

He nodded and answered, “Yes ma’am.” Then he slid back behind the wheel and turned the key.

The engine purred quietly as it slid down the driveway, the taillights disappearing into the night.

Grethe Byrne watched the car fade away as she waited by the door.

“You have what we want?” the woman asked.

“Of course. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?” Nurse Byrne snapped.

“No. I mean exactly. Do you have exactly what we ordered? White blonde hair, sky blue eyes, IQ of at least 130?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. It will be exactly what you ordered. Did you bring the balance of your payment? In cash and small bills?”

“Yes, of course. I‘ve kept my part of the arrangement. You had better keep yours,” she snapped.

“We stand on our reputation. We deliver what we promise. We’ve had no complaints so far.” Nurse Byrne punched in the code to unlock the door. Light flooded the area again as they entered the hospital.

Nurse Byrne whisked the woman down the corridor and toward the back rooms. “Your room is through here. I’m sure you’ll be very comfortable during your stay with us. I have the papers for you to sign.”

“What papers? I should have my lawyer here to review any papers before I sign them.”

Nurse Byrne fixed her with an icy stare. “I really don’t think you want your lawyer or anyone else to know what you’re doing. Do you? You know what the consequences might be.”